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* Do you know what the DNS spoofing is?

Suggested article: DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning)

DNS spoofing or also called DNS poisoning is a DNS attack type that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The attackers use modified DNS records. With these forged DNS records, they are able to redirect online traffic to a fake website. Usually, this website looks very similar to the original website that the user requested to visit.

However, typically there are some differences between the real website and the one which is pretending to be it. Still, a lot of the users are not able to notice they landed into the trap of the attackers.

The initiators of the DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning) attack are interested with the help of the fake website to steal sensitive information about users. For example, their goal could be personal information, credit card numbers, etc.

If you are interested and desire to learn, we suggest the following article containing everything you need to know about DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning).